Lash adhesive is one of your most important tools as a lash tech. It truly doesn't matter what brand of lashes you use or how awesome your lashing skills are — if your lash glue isn't performing at optimum strength, your client's lashes won't stick. Retention (or poor retention) is a common concern for lash pros because clients won't keep coming back if their lashes fall off. There are multiple reasons for poor retention, but in this post, we'll focus on the most common: lash adhesive being used and stored incorrectly.

Dlux Professional Lash Glue for eyelash extension

Which factors affect the performance of eyelash extension glue?
·Applied amount
·The surface condition of the bonded area
·Level of chemical contamination in the tools or the lashroom
·Client's lash condition
·Light intensity and wavelengths
·and so on.

1. Shake the adhesive before use!

Eyelash extension glue contains not only cyanoacrylate that is for adhesion, but also other complex compounds such as stabilizer, thickener, hardening accelerator, pigments, and so on.
Then, there will be a separation of layers caused by a difference in the density of each component.
It is necessary to shake the glue to mix all the ingredients properly and ensure the optimum performance and retention of the adhesive.
If you don't shake the extension glue enough, the color of the glue might look like it's faded and cloudy.
If you see a layer separation even though you have shaken it sufficiently more than 1 minute, it can be a manufacturing problem that can happen once in a while. If that happens, contact the customer service with the LOT number (usually written on the bottom of the products).

2.The expiration time (Shelf-life) of the lash glues

3 to 6 months when not opened, one month once opened.
When the glue is contained in its bottle, it is hard to harden. The surface area that is in contact with the air is small compared to the capacity of the liquid.
However, once it is applied to the material, as the surface area becomes wider, the hardening reaction becomes active, and the whole area hardens in sequence.
Since the hardening of glue is always in progress, its function is kept on deteriorating even if the container not opened yet. The period from the moment it is manufactured to the state of unavailability is called the 'expiration date.'
It is vital to keep the appropriate temperature and humidity and pay attention to the storage methods to prolong the expiration date.

3. Storage methods of the glue

Eyelash extension glue is a reactive type adhesive. Therefore, it is crucial to managing the environment in the treatment room and the storage area.
The glue will not deteriorate at temperatures within -50 to 60 degrees Celsius. Hence, store it where it is cool and dark, avoid the direct sunlight and high humidity instead of storing it in the refrigerator.
When storing it, the deterioration of the glue depends on the humidity rather than the temperature. Therefore, as long as the humidity is low, it can be stored in a place where the temperature is high. However, be aware that, in most of the high-temperature areas, humidity is high as well.
DLUX Professional glue has a desiccant in the zip-lock bag together, to prevent the performance deterioration of it, which is caused by moisture. When storing the glue, put the glue container with the desiccant together as it was manufactured and store it upright with the zipper sealed.
To manage the glue effectively, write down the purchase date and opening date on a glue zip-lock bag.


The glue hardens by the reaction with moisture in the air. The most stable storage place is in the dark and cool place.
A refrigerator is not an appropriate storage place as it can affect the performance of glue adversely by causing a dew condensation, not only on the outside but also on the inside.
However, we don't recommend it as it keeps and supplies the moisture nowadays. If you must use the refrigerator inevitably, seal it as much as possible when storing and put it on the room temperature at least 2 hours before use.
If the temperature of the glue storage place is below 60 degrees Celsius, you should use a dehumidifying box. It has a function of dehumidification. The lower the humidity, the longer the glue will stay fresh.

Directions and precautions:
·Shake side to side, more than 20 times before use, to eliminate the precipitation.
·Discharge a new droplet of the glue every 20 minutes.
·Put the glue with the desiccant in a zip-lock bag and store them vertically.
·It is hard to be hardened in a cold environment. Thus, it is better to use a glue plate. (Use from the middle part because it hardens from the outer part)
·During the procedure, adjust the amount of glue so that it doesn't flow through eyelashes and contact with the mucous membrane.
·Sensitive customers might experience glue side effects. Therefore, proceed with the extensions with sufficient counseling.
·For short-term allergy tests, either apply a small amount of glue on the back of the ear or extend 5 to 6 strands and check the progress 20 to 30 minutes later. For long-term allergy tests, check the above progress 24 hours later.
·As the glue is contained in a particular container(PE material bottle), do not transfer contents to an ordinary plastic or glass container.
·When storing it in a refrigerator, put it on the room temperature at least 2 hours before use.

5. Use Glue container

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You cannot affix some materials with instant glue, such as Silicone, Urethane, PE, PPE, Teflon, and so on. Among them, PE is the most commonly used for the glue container.
The materials and the shapes of the container are critical as the instant glue rapidly reacts with the traces of moisture in the air.
Generally, PE is not used solely. Instead, it is made of laminated structure with Nylon. Since eyelash extension glue is manufactured using a special container like this, please do not transfer the contents to an ordinary plastic or glass container.


If air gets into the bottle of eyelash glue, it will significantly affect the freshness of your adhesive. Exposing adhesive to oxygen will shorten the life of the adhesive.
You will notice this happens when you see a thick and gummy consistency or the lash glue bottle becomes clogged. Keep air from getting into your bottle by burping it with a gentle squeeze after every use. This will help remove air bubbles, and you will enjoy a longer shelf life of your adhesive.
After burping the bottle, wipe the nozzle with a lash adhesive nozzle wipe. This keeps the nozzle clean and prevents the bottle from being glued shut.
Air also comes into play when applying lashes. Because lash glue cures very quickly, you may notice it becomes very sticky or goopy. If so, it's time for a new glue drop. You will typically need a new glue droplet every 20 minutes.


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Is there a way to use the lashing glue for a longer time?

To use the lash extension glue for a long time, pay attention to the precautions and storage methods.
·When discharging the adhesive, lift the outlet from the surface slightly as the dust or dirt may be sucked in the container.
·Wipe the glue nozzle with a piece of paper immediately after use.
·Close the lid tightly and seal it instead of just placing a cover on it to prevent the contact with moisture.
·As it was manufactured, store the glue in a sealed zip-lock bag with the desiccant.
·Store it in a dry and cool place, avoid the direct sunlight.
·In humid season or environment, you can purchase extra desiccants in the glue zip-lock bag. By doing so, you can prolong the expiration date.

All eyelash extension glues are cyanoacrylate-based adhesives. Therefore, the storage method is the same.


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