The "Dlux Professional" name comes from a combination of the words “dear” and “luxury” and those 2 worlds embody exactly what our brand is all about. We consider our customers extremely precious to us, and always strive to keep them happy and satisfied by providing the best quality at an ideal price.

Dlux Profession Collection


Dlux Professional presents the Silver Line Tweezers as the ultimate tool for... 

Eyelash Extensions

Dlux Professional Eyelash Extension Supplies, Korean High Quality Eyelashes for Eyelash Extensions.... 

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  • Origin

    We are proud to be partners with Dlux Pro from South Korea as they were the first company to invent tray eyelash extensions in the world.

  • Wholesale Pricing

    For those customers who require larger orders, such as salons, schools and resellers, we have wholesale pricing.

  • High-Quality Products

    Many people underestimate the effect of high-quality lashes and services.

    Dlux Professional delivers the best in luxury eye-lash treatment.