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Dlux Professional Ultra Bonder

Dlux Professional Ultra Bonder

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Dlux Professional Ultra Bonder does what no other product does: prolongs lash extensions while reducing irritation. This revolutionary solution reinforces suppleness, increasing flexibility of any eyelash glue and extending retention of lashes by up to 30%.

- Increases lash retention by up to 30%
- Low to no fumes
- Less eye irritation
- Reduces lash brittleness
- Quick 3 minute drying process
- Works with any adhesive
- No need for nanomisting or nebulizing
- Suitable for sensitive eyes and all types of lashes, including volume lashes
- Works in any humidity and temperature conditions
- One bottle is enough for 150-200 treatments/clients

Dlux Pro LASH BONDER instantly bonds adhesive fumes, resulting in less irritation for client’s eyes after treatment. When these vapours are contained, adhesives also achieve much better retention. Moreover, Dlux Professional Ultra Bonder can be used with all types of lashes and any type of lash glue.

Our Bonder is the newest product and targets a specific need for maximizing lash retention.


After 2-3 minutes apply 1 small drop onto a microfiber brush and wipe along the glue bonding points from the front and the back. This will speed up the whole process by locking in the connection point from the lash to the natural lash. Glue bond will cure within 2 minutes.


Latex free

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