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DLUX PROFESSIONAL offers a range of sophisticated beauty items, cosmetics, and synthetic lashes. Explore the finest professional Lash Extensions online, the leading beauty supply distributor. At DLUX Pro, we curate an extensive collection of professional eyelash extension accessories to ensure your clients are delighted with the results. For beauty professionals like you, the key to creating repeatable, obsession-worthy transformations lies in high-quality products paired with next-level training.

Our lash extension accessories empower you to stay updated with the latest lash supplies, enhancing your role as a lash tech. The Fan is particularly useful for clients who accidentally open their eyes during application or experience stinging from adhesive fumes. Experience how our premium and exclusive eyelash extension supplies elevate your client's appointment.

Discover the highest quality eyelash extension products for lash artists. Explore our comprehensive range of accessories tailored for eyelash extensions.

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