About Us

DLUX Professional

DLUX Professional an internationally recognized brand offering high quality professional products for the booming eyelash extension industry. Our commitment is to enhance the experience of lash artists through DLUX Professional products.

Our passion for the lash industry is woven into the fabric of our company in providing unbeatable customer service and products. To meet this goal, we adhere to strict quality control and regulated systems to provide our customers with the best reliable and high-quality eyelash extension supplies.

Being recognized as the first eyelash extensions supply company to provide ECO PMMA-free adhesive to our customers, we stand behind our commitment to industry excellence.

Our goal 

Customer satisfaction is of the highest priority for as we actively listen, anticipate your needs, and take genuine pleasure in providing assistance to the best of our ability. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality eyelash extension products available in the marketplace!

Who we Are?

Olga is a representative of DLUX Professional brand in the USA, an internationally known, ISO certified, top eyelash company located in South Korea. With over a decade of expertise, and drawing from the techniques perfected in Ukraine, she specializes in Eyelash Extension products and implements her knowledge and passion into providing the finest techniques available in the market.

She acquired extensive knowledge in her home country, Ukraine, and further enriched her expertise by obtaining an aesthetician license in California, USA.
Guided by her passion and customer-centric ethos, she is committed to staying updated on the ever-evolving trends in the Beauty Industry. This dedication extends to offering clients the highest quality materials available.

DLUX Professional develops, manufactures and exports a variety of high-quality beauty products, with a focus on eyelash-related solutions, tools and accessories. Each item is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2015/ISO 14001:2015 standards and has been fully tested for quality with government-published results.