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HYPOALLERGENIC Adhesive DLUX Professional ECO  is an elite class of adhesive that doesn't contain Cyanocrylate and perfect for Sensitive eyes. Requires Higher Humidity for faster drying time. Perfect for either classic or volume lashing. 

Dlux Professional PRIME Line ECO, PMMA free

The Dlux Pro ECO Adhesive excels in stimulus and persistence. With a rapid drying time of 1 second, it's ideal for Master-level lash stylists.

HYPOALLERGENIC Adhesive Dlux Professional has no harsh chemicals and cyano-free adhesive. Dlux Adhesive is crafted with supreme-quality ingredients, ensuring safety for your eyes. Its gentle formula prevents irritation throughout the application process.

Moreover, the Dlux Pro ECO not only meets safety standards but also guarantees reliable results with minimal effort during the lashing procedure. It's the go-to choice for professional lash stylists, prioritizing both safety and efficiency.

The PRIME ECO line has the newest innovations in adhesive technology while still keeping your clients' health and safety forefront.

Generally, maintain a lashing room temperature between 68 - 72 degrees for Dlux ECO Adhesive, however humidity requires high to dry faster, otherwise it slower drying time. Prime ECO Adhesive is long-lasting and no irritation at all, also it is suitable for both classic and volume lashing.

Eco Plus & Eco

Prime ECO Adhesive Specifications:
Dry Time:

ECO PLUS: 0.5-1 sec   &.       ECO: 2-3sec

Retention: 8 Weeks
Fumes: Low
Lash Type: Volume, Mega Volume
Humidity: 20 - 55%
Temperature: 18 - 24 °C
Level: Master
Elasticity: Medium
Color: Gray

Hypoallergenic  Adhesive ECO Lash Adhesive for Sensitive Eyes.

Dlux Professional strives to use the highest quality ingredients when creating their eyelash products. By only using the highest quality ingredients Artists are able to ensure they are keeping themselves and clients safe.

*Alcohol free, *Formaldehyde free, * Oil free, *Hyperallergenic free, *Paba free, *Paraben free, *Unscented, *Sulfate free, *Cruelty Free.


Latex free

Shipping & Returns

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. If in the unlikely event there is a defective product or quality concerns beyond your control, please notify us via email ( within 10 business days. Items need to be returned within 14 business days of receipt.

Care Instructions

Professional use only!

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