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Dlux Pro Lash Primer Banana Scent

Dlux Pro Lash Primer Banana Scent

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Dlux Pro Lash Primer 15ML For Eyelash Extensions Dlux Pro Primer is used to clean the natural lashes before the procedure. It removes oil, dirt, and residue on the natural lashes and prepares the surface for a better bond with adhesive. Apply using a micro brush (sold in our store) to clean the natural lashes.  Allow the product to be fully dry before applying lash extensions.

This revolutionary solution reinforces suppleness, increasing the flexibility of any eyelash glue and extending the retention of lashes by up to 30%.

Dlux Pro Lash Primer & Bonder Set is the newest product and targets a specific need for maximizing lash retention.

Superior Adhesion: Elevate your lash extension longevity with Dlux Primer, ensuring exceptional performance.

Efficient Application: Streamline your lash application process with the quick-drying composition of Dlux Primer for effective results.

Lash Wellness: Maximize the impact while safeguarding lash health with the gentle formulation of Dlux Primer.

Healthier Lashes: Nourish and protect natural lashes during extension with our product designed for enhanced lash health.

Time Efficiency: Save time and enhance customer comfort by using our quick-drying solution.



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