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Dlux Pro Lash Remover Gel Type

Dlux Pro Lash Remover Gel Type

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Featuring essential cosmetic ingredients, Dlux Professional eyelash glue remover dissolves adhesive bonds without harming natural lashes, ensuring effortless lash removal. Moreover, this fully-contained formula prioritizes the health and safety of your lashes.

This fully-contained formula promotes overall eye safety and health. Additionally, it avoids potential chemical damage found in some market kits.

Efficient Gel Texture Lash Extension Remover: With its fast-dissolving gel texture, this remover demands only a small amount, granting greater control. In contrast to liquid removers that may run, the Dlux eyelash extension glue remover ensures precision and effectiveness.Dlux eyelash extension glue remover stays in place, ensuring precise application.

Application Instructions - Gently apply the Eyelash Extensions Gel Remover to extensions using a lint-free applicator or micro swab. Allow it to sit for 5-10 minutes, carefully wipe off extensions. Ultimately, ensuring the product does not come into contact with clients' eyes. Thoroughly rinse to remove any residue. Exclusively for professionals, this super gentle formula effortlessly removes eyelash extensions without compromising natural lashes.

Luxurious Professional Quality - Crafted in Korea, Dlux professional offers high-quality luxury eyelash extension products trusted and sold in over 42 countries worldwide.

Dlux Pro Lash Remover for Eyelash Extensions (15 ml) dissolves the bonds of the adhesive attached without damaging the natural lashes. It makes the lash removal quick and effortless.

This gel remover boasts a thick texture that does not run. Consequently, there is a reduced chance of the product getting into the eyes, offering an advantage over other liquid removers.

Instructions: Gently apply the gel remover onto the extensions using a lint-free applicator or micro swab. Allow it to sit for 5-10 minutes. Carefully wipe off extensions. (DO NOT let the product come into contact with the client's eye.) Thoroughly rinse and ensure no residue remains. Our products are exclusively available for professionals!


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