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Dlux Pro Lash Growth Serum

Dlux Pro Lash Growth Serum

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Dlux Lash Growth Serum

The Ultimate Nourishment for Your Lashes. Indulge in the extraordinary benefits of our Dlux Eyelash Treatment Serum. Thus a powerful formula crafted to nourish and fortify your lashes, providing the essential ingredients for luscious beauty.

Enriched with a unique blend of aloe vera, ginseng, panthenol, and arginine, our serum strengthens and moisturizes lashes and brows. It penetrates cuticles, triggers regeneration, and promotes blood circulation.

Perfect for Every Lash: Owners of Extensions and Natural Lashes

Serum great for both owners of lash extensions and those with natural lashes and eyebrows in need of special care, our serum is versatile and effective. Due to applying a small amount to the eyelash growth line with the provided brush is all it takes for optimal results. We recommend incorporating it into your morning makeup routine and nightly skincare regimen. Ensure careful application to avoid contact with the eyes.

Versatile Use for Extensions

This product is suitable for application on both lash and brow, even when wearing eyelash or eyebrow extensions. Its natural ingredients work harmoniously to deliver the desired results.As a result leaving you with beautiful and resilient lashes.

Recommended Application Routine - For optimal results, apply the serum twice a day with a thin layer near the lash root. This routine helps enhance the natural beauty of your lashes or brows, making it especially beneficial for weak and thin lashes.

Elevate Your Lash Game with DLUX PROFESSIONAL. Keep your eyelashes healthy and beautiful with DLUX PROFESSIONAL serum.


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