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Lash REMOVER Cream BABY Pink 15ml.

Lash REMOVER Cream BABY Pink 15ml.

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Lash REMOVER Cream BABY Pink is a soft cream specially created for the easy and safe removal of eyelash extensions. 

The Dlux BABY PINK remover, with its attractive packaging, features a super silky smooth cream that makes your work easier.

Lash removal dissolves the glue without damaging the natural lashes, making it easier to remove the eyelash extensions. Moreover the remover cream is thick with a creamy texture. Because of this only a small amount is needed to remove the eyelash extensions. Suitable for all skin types, this non-drip formula has a creamy texture for easy and safe application, ensuring the preservation of natural lashes without compromise.

Lash REMOVER Cream dissolves the bonds of the adhesive attached without damaging the natural lashes. Scent of Paradise has a creamy texture and only needs a small amount to remove the extensions. Eventually due to the consistency, thus it makes it less likely for the product to get in the eyes when applying.

Directions: Apply the cream remover gently onto the extensions with a lint free applicator or micro swab. Let sit for 5-10 minutes. Wipe off extensions with care. (DO NOT get the product into clients eyes.)
Rinse well and make sure no residue remains.


Latex free

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